How to Prevent, Cure, and cause of infertility in men and women

2 min readFeb 18, 2022


1. prevention of infertility

3. sorts and causes of infertility in woman

4. Infertility symptoms in women

5. Diagnosis of the woman infertility

8. Man infertility treatment

9. way of life and home treatments


prevention of infertility is already be giving by the way of the mother, because it commenced at time of being pregnant: a healthy lifestyle, a balanced and entire vitamins, the avoidance of dangerous discretionary person like alcoholics, and smoking of difficult pills and the most quantity of environmental toxicity, operating and environmental in a general experience and pharmacological, are the first step to assure a potentially normal fertility to the conceived.

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in youth and early childhood, in addition to teaching a wholesome way of life, from the factor of view of eating conduct specifically, it is essential that mother and father and the pediatrician carry out a careful control of both male and girl improvement, which lets in the early diagnosis of a few modifiable genital anomalies (for instance it is now established that the correction of cryptorchidism, to prevent male infertility in adulthood, need to take location inside years). the identity of the 2 most frequent genetic pathologies (klinefelter’s syndromes within the male and turner inside the girl) lets in to provide those boys an adequate improvement and in part a wish of future fertility.

after puberty, further to controlling the suitable succession of growth levels and an appropriate identity of endocrine issues, particularly girl, as well as varicocele inside the male, the position of correct schooling in sexuality becomes fundamental, which is the most effective weapon in prevention. sexually transmitted diseases, a major cause of male and woman infertility.continue reading